Hispanic Heritage Days

Family Day Featured Hispanic Heritage Month Family Day: Celebrating The Great Inka Road, September 13, 2015 Accompanying The Great Inka Road: Engineering an Empire at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, this family activity poster allows kids and families of all ages to explore the iconic locations of Cusco as well as discover how to make their own Andean Panpipe and clay llamas.

You can see all the Smithsonian Heritage Videos by clicking on the link: Smithsonian Heritage Videos

Staging of the Self Featured: Celebrating Staging the Self: Hispanic Heritage Month 2014 Family Day Accompanying the Portraiture Now: Staging the Self exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, this family activity poster allows kids and families of all ages to explore their identity and culture, as well as participate in a geography challenge learning about the featured artist's cultural backgrounds and their geographic connections. Check out this Art Lab+ teen produced video about culture and identity.

Celebrating Ceramic Activity Poster Celebrating Cerámica: Hispanic Heritage Month 2013 Family Day Highlighting the Cerámica de los Ancestros: Central America's Past Revealed exhibition, this family day and accompanying activity poster include fun word searches on the animals of Central America and a recipe for a tasty Hot Chocolate. Check out this quick and easy video on how you can make your own clay pottery. Click Here to take a journey through Central America's past by downloading the Color and Discover Coloring Book and Activity Reader that includes A-Z English and Spanish coloring pages based on the Central American collection at the National Museum of the American Indian and fun activity sheets.

Central American Traditions Central American Traditions: Hispanic Heritage Month 2012 Family Day Celebrating the Central American communities in the United States, check out this activity booklet which includes a Central American Geography Challenge, a traditional textile inspired coloring sheet, instructions for how to make a saw dust rug, word searches and more! Click here to view short videos of the featured food, music, weaving, and other artists of the day.

American Sabor The Sounds of American Sabor: Hispanic Heritage Month 2011 Family Day
Learn more about Latin rhythms and percussion, the science of sound, and the Afro-Caribbean connection with fill-in-the blank, word searches, and image matching activities. Check out the percussion jam session as well as the How to Make Music Memories video here.

Passport to Argentina: Hispanic Heritage Month 2010 Family Day

Travel through the different regions in Argentina by using this activity booklet to learn about the geography of the country, tell the story about the Tango through fill-in the blank and coloring activities, go an exciting journey through the Pampas with a gaucho and make your own clay llama. Click here to watch a short video that shows you how to make your own clay llama.