Cultural Expressions

The Smithsonian Latino Center's workshop resources are designed for elementary through high school audiences as a way to engage with object and project based learning.

At this time, the Smithsonian Latino Center is not offering on-site Cultural Expressions programs. In the interim, we are happy to provide the below Cultural Expressions resources for your classroom to enhance your curriculum experience.

Art for Social Change (Arts, Social Science, and Civic Engagement)

These materials explore the use of visual art and media as a vehicle for social change. Students learn about the role of art in promoting community issues. The workshop uses the Smithsonian's collection of the Division of Community Education of Puerto Rico (DIVEDCO) Posters from the National Museum of American History.

To view the DIVEDCO virtual exhibition website, please visit the Latino Virtual Gallery here .

In the Field: Investigate and Learn (Humanities and Science Focus)

Cerámica de los Ancestros: Central America's Past Revealed examines seven regions representing distinct Central American ancestral and cultural areas that are today part of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Students will learn about the geography and traditions of Central America.

This exhibition is currently on view in New York City at the National Museum of the American Indian. Click Here to view the Cerámica de los Ancestros: Central America's Past Revealed.