Virtual Gallery

The Latino Art Now Chicago Virtual Gallery is an immersive, interactive high definition simulation experience. Available versions include: standalone applications for MAC and Windows PC.

Please note that depending on your internet service provider, download times for files may vary.For the best cinematic experience adjust your screen resolution to 1280 x 800.

Make sure your audio is set to ON.

You will be prompted with link upon opening file, or you can click here to directly access FREE plug-in download.

Educational Materials

SLC provides bilingual Transmedia resources such as 2D and 3D collections, online games, simulations, and virtual worlds and programs in real-time. The resources highlight the Smithsonian art and science collections as they relate to Latinos. These online resources were created to enhance visitor's knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Latino Cultural Heritage through innovative and engaging online experiences.

Explore Vol.2 of our Bilingual Educator's Training Toolkit, supporting educators by integrating robust collection of transmedia and virtual exhibits into their existing STEM +Arts programs. This toolkit is aligned to the featured Latino Art Now Chicago Virtual Gallery, animation shorts of Smithsonian projects, e-publications, immersion games, virtual worlds, and digital objects that apply 3-D augmented-reality technologies and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences.

English interactive web version
Spanish interactive web version

eGallery Guide

The Latino Art Now Chicago Virtual Gallery eGuide is a complimentary guide to the LAN Chicago Virtual Gallery simulation, as well as to the LAN Transmedia Educators Training Toolkit, an interactive curriculum resource for educators.

Use the eGallery Guide as a tool to explore the virtual gallery as a self-guided experience or use it in conjunction with the Transmedia Educators Training Toolkit for specific guided-activity based immersion. This guide also provides samples for how to use the custom search feature embedded in the Virtual Gallery's toolbar. Search and explore the 40 featured works of art by 35 Latino Chicago Artists. ENJOY!