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Dr. Francisco Dallmeier


Dr. Francisco Dallmeier, Director of the Smithsonian Institution/Monitoring and Assessment of Biodiversity Program (MAB), is a conservation biologist with oversight responsibility for the international network of biodiversity research and monitoring sites located in 23 countries. The MAB program is dedicated to the conservation of biological diversity through an integrated approach, which Dr. Dallmeier pioneered, that combines research and training in an adaptive management framework. The program provides scientific information and builds in country capacity to foster the sustainable use of natural resources. MAB is a program of the Smithsonian's National Zoological Park. Dr. Dallmeier was appointed Acting Director of the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives in 2002.

Dr. Dallmeier has published and edited over one hundred publications including several books including two landmark publications on forest monitoring and assessment (Parthenon Press) documented new approaches to biodiversity conservation based on adaptive management approaches. He is the editor of the SI/MAB Biodiversity Series, co-author of a children’s book and editor and co-author of a recent special issue of the Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. He co-authored the special publication “Biodiversity, connecting with the tapestry of life” for the Office of Science and Technology of the US Presidency .He has successfully implemented multi-million dollar conservation and development partnerships in critical areas with high biological diversity in Peru and Gabon with Shell Oil. 

Dr. Dallmeier has received over 60 awards to conduct biodiversity research and education programs nationally and internationally.

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