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The Interpretation and Representation of Latino Cultures: Research and Museums Conference Documentation
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John McKiernan-Gonzalez


John McKiernan-Gonzalez was born in Queens, NY. He attended kindergarten in Ethiopia, elementary in Colombia and Mexico, middle school in Alabama and high school in Mexico and New Mexico. He majored in Art History and Latin American Studies in Oberlin College as hestruggled to finish a pre-med track. After two years with the Cook County Department of Public Health, he enrolled in the Ph.D program in history at the University of Michigan. After achieving candidacy, his work as a graduate student fellow and 1998 Latino Initiative team member inspired a wider and more generous view of Latino cultures and American publics.

He completed his Ph.D, FEVERED MEASURES: RACE, COMMUNICABLE DISEASE AND COMMUNITY FORMATION ON THE TEXAS-MEXICO BORDER, 1880-1923 in April 2002. He teaches Latino studies, medical history and U.S. history at the University of South Florida. His research focus continues to be race, disease and community formation; he has added collaborative history with local middle school students to his research commitments.

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