Lea Ybarra has a PhD. in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley, and has been a professor and administrator for over twenty-five years.  She worked in the California State University system and is now at Johns Hopkins University as Executive Director of the Center for Talented Youth.  The Center, through its many academic programs,  enrolls over 90,000 students annually from throughout the United States and 70 countries.  It also provides distance education courses to students in the U.S. and over thirty countries. Dr. Ybarra serves as Senior Research Associate for Olmos Productions and has worked on several documentaries, including Americanos: Latino Life in the U.S. and  It Ain't Love, a film on teenage date violence.  She also co-edited the book Americanos with Edward Olmos.  Dr. Ybarra has received many awards for her teaching, research, and community service, including Professional Woman of the Year, Hispanic Women Making History, Hispanic Educator of the Year, the University's Exceptional Merit Award for Excellence in Teaching and Community Service, and the Rosa Parks Award for Outstanding Community Service.