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The Interpretation and Representation of Latino Cultures: Research and Museums Conference Documentation
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Borders and Diasporas

Challenging Traditional Curatorial Practices

Historicizing Narratives

Borders and Diasporas

Aesthetics Beauty

The Body: The Real and the Symbolic

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“Cultural Memory in the Rituals of the Mexican Diaspora in the United States: the role of the corridos about immigration played by conjuntos norteños and the aesthetics of the bailes norteños” by Martha Idalia Chew-Sanchez

"History's Imprints, y que: Mestizaje and Diasporas as Paradigms of Chicana/o Experience and Museum Practices" Karen Mary Davalos, PhD. was presented from the book "Exhibiting Mestizaje"

Latinization:  A Cultural History of Latinos’ Contributions to Central Arizona by Angelica M. Docog, PhD

Transcript of Discussion Session with Juan Flores, PhD

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