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The Interpretation and Representation of Latino Cultures: Research and Museums Conference Documentation
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Challenging Traditional Curatorial Practices

Challenging Traditional Curatorial Practices

Historicizing Narratives

Borders and Diasporas

Aesthetics Beauty

The Body: The Real and the Symbolic

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Contesting Cinco de Mayo: Cultural Politics and Commercialization of the Postwar Fiesta by José M. Alamillo

Conceptions and Representations of Latinos and Mainstream Museums in the United States by Mary Elizabeth Avila

Arriving at the River’s Edge: Curatorial Trends in L.A. by reina alejandra prado saldivar

Passing on Latinidad: An Analysis of Critical Responses to El Museo del Barrio’s Pan-Latino Mission Statements by Yasmin Ramirez

Transcript of Discussion Session with Marvette Perez

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