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What some of our conference attendants wrote:

"The conference was a huge success. Thank you for all your hard work in
making it so. "

"I wanted to thank you again for all the hard work you put into
making the conference a great success. Besides learning a lot from my
colleagues, it was also a treat to be in setting that brought together
papers on medicine, sociology, politics, art history and women's studies. I
got to see some friends that I had not talked to in years and made new
friends. Equally important, I got some valuable feedback on my paper, which
will help me as I develop it into an exhibition in the future. For me the
conference was a important professional and personal experience and I
appreciate your foresight in pushing for it to become a reality."

"Muchisimas gracias for organizing the conference and to all your staff for the success of the event. It was great to be among friends to share our work. there's good work being done at different fronts. both the smithsonian latino studies initiative benefited from us going through the summer seminar, as we benefited by engageing with each other in a critical dialogue about latinos in the arts. "

"Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to participate in the
conference! The experience was personally rewarding and professionally
enriching. I'm sure you know how much we appreciate your extraordinary effort in assembling the motley crew. The conference was an honor for me."

"Let me extend my thanks to your staff & you for such a successful & productive conference. We all felt well taken well care of & all was super organized. It was a pleasure to see old friends & meet a whole new set of talent. I only regret that we did not have more time for discussion after the presentations."


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