Lowriding: An American Cultural Tradition

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Credits and Acknowledgments

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Many of the visual materials in this exhibition are from photographers Estevan Oriol, Sal Rojas, and Jack Parsons; the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum in Chicago; and the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.

Photographs, video, and sound that document the Chicago Car Show were produced on site and digitized by Melissa Carrillo (Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives). These materials are the property of the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives.

Exhibit organizers thank the following people and organizations for donating sound and music to this project: Pebo Rodriguez, Thumprecords (Thumprecords copyright: music used for Lowrider title rollover, L.A. Stories, and CarCulture); Sal Rojas, Digital Aztlan (copyright Digital Aztlan: selections found in Stories, CarCulture, and Mechanics); Levi Romero for poetry recordings (copyright Levi Romero: selections found in New Mexico Stories, the research section, and the curator’s essay); and The Taco Shop Poets (copyright Taco Shop Poets: sound bites used for main menu buttons and introductions to Stories and Mechanics).

Works of art featured in this exhibition are courtesy of artists Gilbert "Magu" Lujan and Luis Tapia.

Copyright© Smithsonian Institution