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Welcome to the Latino Virtual Gallery's Educational Activities for ¡Sabor! Salsa Music in the United States. This online curriculum interactive is intended to accompany the viewing of the virtual exhibition ¡Sabor! featuring the incomparable lives of many talented singers, songwriters, musicians, etc., that helped give birth to this musical genre in the United States and who have been instrumental in truely making it a transnational phenomenon.

There are five lessons in this guide, all of which surround the central theme of cultural identity and musical inheritance. Each lesson can be used separately, but the more resources on the virtural exhibit that are used, the richer the student experience.

Lesson 1: Students will learn & explore musical styles and instruments using the virtual exhibit's Son Clave Lounge.

Lesson 2: Students will learn & explore music and politics through the essays and articles referencing to the History of Salsa, as well as crossreferencing lesson activities to the actual virtual exhibition resources.

Lesson 3: Students will learn & explore the concept of musical inheritance as a means of developing and identifying one's personal history about family, musical experiences, culture, and life experiences.

Lesson 4: Students will learn & explore community based oral history through the National Museum of American History's (NMAH) oral history on salsa musician Yomo Toro.

Lesson 5: Students will learn & explore underlying concepts toward understanding significant figures, such as singer Celia Cruz, using NMAH's website and oral history.

The exhibit creators hope that students, teachers, and families who view this exhibit will begin to explore their own personal identities as molded by their culture, bringing a greater appreciation of the beauty and diversity of the world today. Laura Jones, NBCT



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¡Sabor! Virtual Exhibition | Site Map
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This project has received support from the Latino Initiatives Pool distributed by the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives.


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