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Sabor! Lesson Plans and Activities

Activities: Music, Culture, and Politics
Audience: Middle and high school students
Curriculum areas: Social Studies, Music, and Spanish

Students will understand and articulate the history of salsa and its roots and influence on American music today.

1. Describe components of salsa and its unique characteristics
2. Understand geography and movement of salsa
3. Identify and analyze political influences underlying movement of salsa
4. Read, discuss and create oral histories
5. Read and learn about significant figures in the salsa tradition
6. Create musical compositions using traditional instruments

Key Concepts:

1. Every culture has its own unique musical inheritance
2. Music can affect politics, and politics can affect music.
3. Every person has a cultural and musical history to tell.




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¡Sabor! Virtual Exhibition | Site Map
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This project has received support from the Latino Initiatives Pool distributed by the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives.


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