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Larry Harlow is a true living legend of Afro-Cuban music. Born in Brooklyn, New York, his early influences were his father Buddy, who was a professional bass player and his mother Rose, who sang opera. A graduate of the prestigious N.Y. High School of Music and Art, he excelled on oboe, flute, violin, bass and the instrument that he is most noted for, the piano. Although jazz and the piano styling of Art Tatum were his first love, his growing exposure as a teenager to the music and culture of the New York Latino community fascinated him. This led to him making a trip to Cuba in the late fifties where he began a two year adventure intensely studying Afro-Cuban music in all its manifestations: from West African based liturgical repertoire to popular dance styles. On his return to New York he quickly made a name for himself as a top bandleader and was signed by the new Fania Record Company, the most important label in the history of Latin music.

"El Judio Maravilloso", as he is affectionately called by his colleagues, completely revolutionized what is known today as "SALSA". Harlow developed the explosive, Tumpet/trombone sound of the contemporary salsa bands in the early 70's. He was the first to introduce the sacred bata' drums of the Yoruba religion in Cuba to secular Afro-Cuban dance music in NYC. Known as IFA' or La Regla de Ocha, or commonly called by the lay public as Santeria, Harlow began studying its many secrets and eventually became a full fledged initiate being baptized as the child of Ochun, the Yoruba deity of the river, shekere and love… (read more)

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Larry Harlow

Original Release:  1973

Label: Fania (USA)





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