Ruben Blades





:: Innovator and Socially Conscious Singer-Songwriter


   Music with a Message


Renowned singer-songwriter of 1970s and ‘80s salsa, and one of salsa’s most political artists.  A native of Panama received his doctorate in law from Harvard University.  Blades worked as an errand boy for Fania Records before launching his singing career in 1974 with conga player, Ray Barretto’s and his band. In 1976, he teamed up with legendary trombonist and composer Willie Colon, replacing Colon’s former vocalist Hector Lavoe.


Blade’s is primarily acknowledged for producing salsa with a social message …as an important contribution that smoothed out the rough, barrio-oriented edge of salsa prior to that time and got listeners thinking more profoundly about broad social issues of the day.

(Excerpts from Faces of Salsa, interview with Willie Colon by Leonardo P.Fuente)



:: Music


Willie Colon/Ruben Blades

Original Release 1978

Label: Fania (USA)





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