Tales of Lienzos

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Credits and Acknowledgments

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We are grateful to the following individuals, without whom we would have never completed this exhibiton:

From Mexico...

Nayeli Garcia Medina, guest curator; Guillermos Salinas Chavez; Valeria Coutiño Stackpole; Profesor Gilberto Zamudio; Minerva Stackpole de Coutiño; Sergio de Alba Garcia; Juan Flores; Don Ezequiel Marquez; Mere Lopez; Epigmenio "Pino" Zermeño; Cristina Alvarez Malo, and Xochitl Medina Ortiz.

From the United States...

Laura Rodriguez-Verbera, owner of Marina Tours/Travel; Ricardo Torrez, La Voz Newspapers (Phoenix, Az.); Maria Corona-Smith and the entire Corona Family, Felix Corona, Soledad Corona, Juan Manuel Corona, Hector Corona, Alejandro Corona, and Esperanza Corona Rodriguez; Jorge A. Rodriguez; Annalisa Coronado; Américo Garcia; Raúl Gaona; Sócrates Ramirez; Gerardo Ortega; Elysiana Judith Cantu; Rosario M. Cantu; and Randy Janssen, Tom Shelton and Dolores Olivarez (ITC Library Archives); Marina Tours/ Travel, and Ricardo Torrez of La Voz Newspapers in Phoenix for their airfare support to Phoenix, Arizona; and Lienzos: Regionales de Tizayuca, Asociación Nacional de Charros, Federación Mexicana de Charrería, Lienzo Regional de Actopan, Lienzo del Pedregal, Lienzo Regionales de la Villa; Lienzo Corona family, and the San Antonio Charros Association.

Our sincere gratitude to Smithsonian colleagues Steve Velazquez, Cynthia Vidaurri, Henry Estrada, Mireya Loza, Maritza Solano, Luis Alfonso-Roselló, Marc Bretzfelder, and Michael Tuttle. And a very special thanks to Alfred Madrid,deputy director of SI OPS, for his support and interest in the LVG exhibition program.


Visual materials in this exhibition are courtsey of Al Rendón Photography; Jody Schwartz Photography; Nayeli Garcia Medina (images and essays); Museo Nacional de la Charreria, Mexico City; Raúl Gaona's private (historical book and objects) collection; the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History; Melissa Carrillo, Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives' LVG in-house imaging video,sound, and motion design production, and Magdalena Mieri, Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives, video and still imagery in Mexico. Essays and selected visual materials used here are from the publication "Lienzo Charro, Orgullo Mexicano" Ediciones y Revistas S.A de S. V., Mexico. Historical images are from The Institute of Texan Cultures Library in San Antonio, Texas; Museo Nacional de la Charreria, Mexico DF; and National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC;

Music credits: all sound bites featured in the exhibition are from "Viva El Mariachi! Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos" produced by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings;

Copyright2003 Smithsonian Institution