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"Antonio: 25 Years of Creative Collaboration"

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Antonio: 25 Years of Creative Collaboration brings to audiences around the globe the artistry, vision, and life of two of the most influential fashion illustrators and trend setters from the 1960s through the 1980s: Antonio Lopez and Juan Ramos. Together under the signature "Antonio," these two graphic artists created a dynamic body of work that define the core of the late twentieth century's concept of beauty in art and fashion. The goal of the exhibition is to make Antonio more accessible and known to the Latino community and to feature two role models who will inspire people generally.

This virtual exhibition is produced by a team composed of: guest curators Gladys Toulis, Chair, Fashion and Visual Merchandising departments at the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising, New York, and Antonio Lopez Fellowship recipient, and Paul Caranicas, artist and president, Antonio Lopez Foundation, New York; Melissa Carrillo, artist and Latino Virtual Gallery (LVG) designer; Maribel Kalata, Development Officer, Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives (SCLI); Priscilla Wood, Museum Specialist, National Museum of American History (NMAH); and Magdalena Mieri, exhibition coordinator and LVG director, SCLI. The project is a collaboration between the SCLI, Hispanic Designers, Inc., and the Antonio Lopez Foundation. Support for the research and fellowship of the exhibition has been generously supported by a grant from Paloma Picasso.

We at the SCLI hope you will be intrigued and inspired by what you see here. Grab your mouse and explore hidden links!

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The following individuals offered helpful assistance: Laura Ortiz-Hobza, Feliciano Martinez, Mario Vizcarra, Farleigh Earhardt, Rachelle Browne, Billy "Blast" Cordero, and Susan Baraz.

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