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Artistic Influences





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Educational activities for high-school- age youth and older:

Look again at the "Artistic Influences" section. What other art movements can you identify as influential to ANTONIO's work? What are the elements that make you think so? Are they the colors, the use of space, the materials?


Identify the materials ANTONIO used. Which do you think best illustrates fashion? Why?


Antonio Lopez and Juan Ramos lived in many places. Look at the TIMELINE found in the reference page for additional information. Write an essay on how different locations and cultures influenced their lives and artistic production.

Visit the "Muses & Mentors" section and think of the people who have influenced your life. Write what you imagine they might think about you and why.

Social Studies

Observe this image and imagine what might have inspired ANTONIO to make it. Think of Japan-USA relations, social movements, environmental conservation, US expansionism, and marketing, among other issues.

Can you identify ethnic elements in ANTONIO's work? What are they? How do you think they relate to Lopez's and Ramos's life experiences?

Discussion Questions
Do you think ANTONIO's work is about art, or fashion? Why? What are the elements presented in this exhibition that make you think one way or the other? How do you think AIDS is affecting our culture and what can you do about it?
Riley influences
Educational activities for youth K-8

Which images in the exhibit did you find the most interesting and why? Select one of those images and draw it. Share it with a friend.

After looking at all the images, what are the colors you think Lopez and Ramos liked best? What is your favorite color?


Use your creativity and draw your own masterpiece with this fun page!

Color in an ANTONIO sketch. Have fun with the painting palette!