Educational Activities:



This activity encourages the cultivation of observation 

and critical thinking in relation to how one experiences photographs.


    • Examine and respond to any one of the images in this virtual exhibit.   Start with questions of your own regarding the topic of cultural identity.   ex. Who is taking the photographs?  And for what purpose?                                                                

    • Observe closely the way in which the photograph was taken. Notice the angle or perspective, does that add to what the photographer is trying to communicate. How is the subject matter positioned?  Active or passive?                                                            

    • How would you define what is art and what is not?  Is a photograph art? why or why not?  What do photographs say about who we are as a culture? Do Photographs help define who we are or do they merely depict someone else's interpretation of who we are or both.                                                                    

    • Collecting your thoughts: Select three images from the 28 sampled in this exhibit and write a description of it. Decide whose story is being told here and why.                        

    • After viewing the entire sequence of imagery in this exhibit, write your own story on what you believe this exhibit is about.  Make your own definitions of what is an artist, photographer, and/or Mexican/Indigenous.

    • Share personal collections:  Discuss your own personal collections of photographs or art objects. What do you collect and why?  How do you choose what to keep?  How do you organize your collections?  How do you store and care for them?


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