Building a New Museum

The Smithsonian is building the National Museum of the American Latino to recognize Latino history and culture in the United States. Learn more about the American Latino Museum.

Latino History is U.S. History

The contributions and experiences of Latinos in the United States are an essential part of our nation's history and culture. The National Museum of the American Latino will showcase the achievements and contributions of Latinos to American history.

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National Museum of the American Latino, 2023.
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Join Us in Making History

Now more than ever, we need your support to bring the National Museum of the American Latino to life. Join us on this incredible journey as we build a world-class destination that centers and celebrates the Latino experience as essential to the American narrative. Together, we can illuminate the full American story for all and inspire future generations.

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Sharing Latino History and Culture

The American Latino Museum increases access to Latino art, history, and culture through public programseducational materials, and career and leadership development

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