January 27, 2022

The Smithsonian Latino Center has announced a $3 million gift from General Motors establishing the General Motors Learning Lounge, an educational center to open within the Molina Family Latino Gallery. General Motors is a corporate founder of the Molina Gallery and a founding donor of the National Museum of the American Latino.

“This generous gift from General Motors will help us integrate onsite and online programs for learners of all ages that meet them where they are,” said Eduardo Díaz, director of the Smithsonian Latino Center and interim director of the National Museum of the American Latino. “The General Motors Learning Lounge will be a first-rate educational space that incorporates learning at all stages of the visitor experience.”

The General Motors Learning Lounge will provide accessible learning opportunities for intergenerational visitors to the Molina Family Latino Gallery and remote educational opportunities for communities around the country. In addition, it will foster collaboration between schools, community organizations and other groups through facilitated interactions and other activities. Learners can expect these educational experiences to draw from the Smithsonian’s collections, special presentations and the gallery’s exhibitions, beginning with “!Presente! A Latino History of the United States.”

“On our journey toward greater inclusion, we know we have a responsibility to make STEM education more accessible and equitable, which is why we’re proud to support the meaningful educational programs led by the Smithsonian at the GM Learning Lounge that will engage communities and create robust learning opportunities at a national level,” said Omar Vargas, General Motors’ vice president of global public policy. “We’re thrilled to be part of this important project that not only engages and serves the Latino community, but also simultaneously pays homage to the historical and cultural legacy of U.S. Latinos. GM is proud to celebrate the dynamic contributions of Latinos that have left a mark on our country as well as in our own company.”

About the Smithsonian Latino Center

The Smithsonian Latino Center preserves Latino history and culture, engaging Latino communities and advancing Latino representation in the United States. The center provides financial resources and collaborates with Smithsonian museums, archives and research centers to expand Latino scholarly research, exhibitions, collections, public programs, digital content, educational resources and publications. The legislation creating the National Museum of the American Latino at the Smithsonian passed Dec. 27, 2020. For more information, visit latino.si.edu.

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