So Lexi had big aspirations. Everything on that mural from the libra sign, pi sign to the logo of Saint Mary’s on the T-shirt are there because she was so brilliant. There is also a little hidden piece of art, it was one that her dad asked for, it’s the basketball and the softball combined Everything Lexi put her mind to she would accomplish, she was set up to succeed and I think the mural captures that.

Monica Maldonado

Ruben Esquivel and Carmen Rangel’s Artist Statement

We wanted to portray the most authentic Lexi, so we reached out to those that know her best, her family.  

We learned that Lexi loved sunflowers and butterflies, she was a proud Libra and force to be reckoned with. Like her mother, she dreamt of attending St. Mary’s University and of one day becoming a lawyer. She played basketball and softball and had a fondness for math. Lexi and her five siblings were like peas in a pod. All of this is illustrated in Lexis larger than life mural in Uvalde, Texas.   

Each butterfly represents each of her siblings, adorned with her favorite colors and ready for flight. The glowing pi symbol is a nod to her love for math. The sunflowers are in full bloom and glowing with oranges and yellows. The Libra constellation lights up the sky as Lexi demands your attention with her larger-than-life smile and sassy pose.  

Carmen Rangel and Ruben Esquivel joined forces to create a beautiful tribute to Lexi in what could possibly be some of their best work yet.  It was an absolute honor and privilege for the two to be asked to design and paint this mural in Uvalde.  Giving the family a place for healing and reflection. A place for laughs and maybe some tears. A place for family and strangers alike to visit, talk to, and feel Lexi’s presence.