Annabell was an honor roll student and she took a lot of pride in that. She took school seriously, it was an important part of her life that defined who she was. She loved animals and would rescue them. Her hopes and dreams were to become a veterinarian.

Monica Maldonado

Joey “WiseOne” Martinez’s Artist Statement

In May 2022, I was asked by Monica Maldonado to participate in the mural project. I accepted without hesitation. After doing research on Annabell, I was deeply touched. I submitted my design to Ms. Maldonado and she presented the design to Annabell’s mother. Both contacted me and gave me a brief description about Annabell. I added a couple more details and was given the okay for the design. I was in the first group to paint in Uvalde. Being from the Panhandle, I was easily exhausted by the humidity. The temperature ranged from 106-112 degrees while I was there. On the third day, the mural was complete.   

In August 2022, I was asked by Annabell’s mother to add her name and add a few more extra details that Annabell was passionate about. I agreed to fly back on September 2nd and make the final touches as well as get the opportunity to meet the family of Annabell.   

The first time I was in Uvalde, her family flew to Washington D.C. to share their emotions and concerns to the U.S. President and Congress members. Monica Gallegos informed me that she presented the local newspaper to the President. The newspaper included an image of myself and Diego Diaz standing in front of the mural of Annabell.