Irma’s mural was done the very first weekend. While that mural was being painted so many people came, from previous students, neighbors, childhood friends, business owners. I definitely got a sense that she was extremely loved and respected in the community.

Monica Maldonado

Cease Martinez’s Artist Statement

When researching to do this mural I discovered that Irma LOVED being a teacher and loved her students. I learned that she was a great mother and had been with her high school sweetheart, Joe, coming up on 25 years. Speaking to family and friends, I found out they were practically inseparable. Sadly, this was true even in death. This was the inspiration for painting them in a niche box, often used for devotion or alters. I named it "Amor Eternal" or eternal love. We were blessed to have several of Irma and Joe's friends and family stop by during the process, providing stories of their love. I wanted to include a quote or scripture on part of the wall space. Their daughter gracefully provided a lyric from one of their favorite songs bringing it all together.