Javier [Jackie’s father] really wanted the Eiffel Tower. ... At that point, we didn’t even have the Eiffel Tower on the mural and originally didn’t understand the importance of it.  Then one day I was invited to the family’s home and when Javier opened the door to her bedroom all I could see was the Eiffel Tower everywhere. She had the Eiffel Tower on her bedspread, Eiffel Tower paintings, and an Eiffel Tower jewelry holder. Her dream was to go to Paris to the Eiffel Tower. ... I called Kimie and said we have to add the Eiffel Tower to the mural

Monica Maldonado

Kimie Flores’s Artist Statement

My experience working on the Uvalde mural project was heavy. I grew up in Uvalde and went to Robb Elementary so the whole situation was soul-crushing. The town is small, so everyone knows each other. I picked Jackie specifically because I am friends with some of her family. It was important for me to be a part of this healing process and give back to my community. Working with Jackie’s family was great. They are so sweet and supportive, during the whole process we worked together to design the mural. We used two photos of Jackie that would best represent her: a picture from her communion and the last photo she took before the tragedy. We chose to incorporate little details like the necklace her grandmother gave her and some favorite colors to celebrate the things she loved. I later added the hummingbirds as a representation of the love between a mother and its young. We finalized the mural by incorporating the phrase “I love you to the moon and back.” Jackie’s family mentioned this was a common phrase that was said between them. Another detail that was important for the family was including the Eiffel Tower. Jackie always wanted to travel to Paris and experience French culture.