So Layla took everyone by storm because she was little and yet so fast, actually she was the fastest runner of all of the kids so she would outrun the boys, the girls, she would outrun everyone... In the mural, she is on the track, so this was a video of her jumping hurdles, and her dad paused it to capture the image that eventually was used for the mural.

Monica Maldonado

Alvaro Deko Zermeño’s Artist Statement

There are no words to describe the level of pain that Uvalde has gone through so being able to use art to try and bring even the smallest bit of comfort to the families, to the community was worth every minute in the sun. It was an honor to meet the Salazar family and hear about Layla.  

Layla was energetic and quick to entertain her family and friends. She loved track and because of her drive and focus, she was one of the fastest in her class.   

The mural took 5 days to complete and there were times that it was difficult to look at her photo, knowing that the mural would barely scratch the surface of who she was.   

On Día de los Muertos, we find ourselves at a point where grief and celebration meet. I hope that the families and the city of Uvalde know that we stand beside them and that their children will never be forgotten.