We learned that Maranda loved collecting rocks, and she loved collecting feathers at the river. One morning I arrived to measure the mural wall. I looked down and there were feathers all in front of Maranda’s mural, unexplainable... And when I see the mural, I see a very whimsical place, a place where she’s at peace.

Monica Maldonado

Luis Angulo’s Artist Statement

Maranda is described as a shy kid who liked being in nature, picking-up river rocks and feathers. I received a picture of Miranda standing in a creek facing the camera. Her arms are outstretched as she shows the camera the river rocks she found. I took this image and added more elements to it, trying to imagine a place that Maranda would have liked to explore. In her hands instead of river rocks, she has an Amethyst crystal, her mom's birthstone. In the water are eleven Koi fish, the same age Maranda was at the time of her passing.