Nevaeh was a daddy’s girl; she would help her dad feed the chickens. Nevaeh loved drawing also, most of the drawings in the mural are hers ... the two birds, heart, and rose, those were all her original drawings.

Monica Maldonado

Britt Johnson’s Artist Statement

The mural for Nevaeh Bravo is a collaboration between me (Britt Johnson), Efren “ER” Rebugio, and Nevaeh. One of the first things the family shared with us was Nevaeh's kindred love of painting and drawing. We felt connected to Nevaeh in this way. They provided images of her drawings which included a heart, two birds, a rose, and a handwritten note that reads “I love you.” We knew how important Nevaeh’s drawings were to the family, so we recreated them to be prominent in the background. We also incorporated some of her favorite things like the colors purple and pink, butterflies, softball, and the TikTok symbol.  To complement the symbol, there is a comment box that can be used by Nevaeh’s family to write messages to her.  In the mural a third bird was added that symbolizes Nevaeh’s two brothers and one sister. The two roses symbolize Mom and Dad. Nevaeh’s portrait is nestled in between both elements to signify the embracement of her family.  Curls cascade over her shoulder to show the way she loved to wear her hair.  It was an honor to paint for the Bravo family.  We are grateful for their kindness and patience throughout the process, and we enjoyed their company while we painted, especially hanging with our dog Charlie.  They are always in our thoughts and prayers.