Shining a light on the legacy of U.S. Latinas and Latinos 

Join us in exploring how Latino History is American History.

Explore ¡Presente! A Latino History of the United States in two ways:  

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Click to expand image Artist rendering of an introductory section nook in the Molina Family Latino Gallery
National Museum of the American Latino.

Themes in ¡Presente!

Reexamine what you know about U.S. history by learning more about Latino identity, immigration, historical legacies, and how Latinas and Latinos have shaped the nation. Listen to first-person oral histories, examine 3D objects, dive into historical biographies, and explore some of the objects found in the exhibition to see how the past relates to the present. 

Explore the Gallery

Take a virtual tour of the Molina Family Latino Gallery.

Explore this interactive map to learn more about the features in the Molina Family Latino Gallery and content from the ¡Presente! exhibit. You can also explore the content through the legend on the right hand side of the map.  

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