Horno Touchable Location Description

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Horno touchable is located on the right end of the history digital interactive belonging to the “Colonial Legacies” section. 

Horno Touchable Label Text

Press the button to smell bread. 

There are 19 Pueblo Nations living in New Mexico. The Spanish invaded Pueblo lands in the 1600s. Hornos and wheat were introduced by Spanish colonizers. Hornos are dome-shaped ovens made of adobe (dried mud) and are still used today. Does your family have baking traditions? 

Horno Touchable Description

Press the button located on the left front of the model to smell the scent of baked bread.  Behind the button is a model of an adobe horno, a human-height, domed, wood-burning outdoor oven. A figure stands at the open hearth holding a shovel-like tool used to slide bread in and out of the deep oven. In the center, another figure kneels to examine four round loaves of bread placed on a tray on a low platform. A one-story façade of an adobe Pueblo house is at the rear to the right behind the horno.  There is a door on the right and six round wooden beams, or vigas, poking out of the upper part of the building; a dried red ristra of chiles hangs from one of them. A wooden ladder to the roof rests against the center of the facade. 

Click to expand image Color photograph of a tabletop dirama of two figures making bread in a horno oven
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