Nook Orientation

You have opened the tenth of thirteen QR codes located throughout the gallery.

You’re standing in front of the fourth of four small defined display spaces called nooks. Each serves as an introduction to the exhibit section. This section is called “Shaping the Nation.”    

Nook Space Description

In the center of the nook in a clear glass case is a ceramic tree of life made by Mexican artist Verónica Castillo. Behind it is a large, backlit, green photograph of a New York City skyline from the roof of a building. On the right wall, a boy runs with a kite. Projected onto the wall behind the tree of life is a 10-minute video with music showing Latinos and Latinas dancing, playing dominoes, performing, and protesting. In front of the tree if life is a rail with signature object label and touchable. You can choose to listen to the label or opt to continue to the object description followed by a touchable description. 

Tree of Life:
Signature Object Label Text

This type of clay sculpture is called a Tree of Life. It recreates some of the historical moments and people in this section of the exhibit. It was designed by award-winning artist Verónica Castillo. Raised in a family of artists in Izúcar de Matamoros in Puebla, Mexico, Castillo brought this tradition with her when she immigrated to the United States.

Tree of Life Description

Tree of Life is about fifty-three inches tall and forty-three inches in diameter. It consists of a painted clay domed base with a central trunk that rises upward. Coming out of the trunk are ceramic branches which loop back into the tree in symmetrical patterns. Colorful ceramic figurines of Latinos and Latinas stand at the base of the tree and on various tree branches. Hanging from the branches are ceramic animals, objects, and flowers. 

Touchable Label Text & Description

You can choose to listen to the touchable label or opt to continue to the touchable description. 

Touchable Label Text

Touch the figure. 

It is made of the same clay as the Tree of Life. What shapes can you identify? Is the texture smooth or rough to the touch? What does the figure remind you of? 

Touchable Description

On the left side of the rail in front of the tree is a touchable ceramic figure of a female labor activist. She is standing with one arm raised, hand in a fist. Her other hand holds a microphone up to her mouth. The microphone connects to a megaphone by a coiled cable. The megaphone is at her waist, held in place with a shoulder strap. 

Directions to Next QR Code

QR code 11 is ahead on the case on you left, about 15 feet away. QR code 12 is almost directly across the aisle on the right, on the side of the digital interactive table.