Nook Orientation

You have opened the third of thirteen QR codes located throughout the gallery.

You’re standing in front of the first of four small defined display spaces called nooks. Each serves as an introduction to the exhibit section. This section is called “Colonial Legacies.”  

Nook Space Description

In the center of the display in a clear glass case is a female ceremonial dance outfit. On either side of the nook is a large, backlit photo. Left photo of a young woman wearing the ceremonial outfit in the exhibit case; right photo of multiple participants in a 2021 ceremony in Abiquiú, New Mexico wearing similar outfits. Projected on the wall behind the object is a 16-minute video with music of the same ceremony.  In front of the ceremonial outfit is a rail with a signature object label. You can choose to listen to the label or opt to continue to the object description.

Inditas Dance Regalia: Signature Object Label Text

Delilah and Chavela Trujillo are members of Las Inditas del Pueblo de Abiquiú. Their ceremonial clothing and dances honor the history of their Genízaro ancestors. Genízaros are Indigenous peoples who were enslaved in New Mexico in the 1600s–1800s by other Indigenous groups and Spanish colonists. Their regalia has influences from Indigenous cultures from the Great Plains and neighboring Pueblos. 

Delilah and Chavela Trujillo (Abiquiú Pueblo), Abiquiú, New Mexico, 2021.

Inditas Dance Regalia Description

Handmade Indita dance outfit from New Mexico: long, red velvet dress with long sleeves and red gloves over a white turtleneck. Draped over the dress like a shawl is a manta (cloth) with fringed edge and floral design, pinned at the shoulders and wrists. At the shoulder, ribbon streamers called “colors” are attached to the manta. Red ribbon is tied around the right forearm. 2 hand-held feathers or palmas with beads, and silver bells. Beaded headband with single feather on the dancer’s head.

Directions to Next QR Code

QR code number 4 ahead is on the case on your left, about 15 feet away. QR code number 5 is almost directly across the aisle on the right, on the side of the digital interactive table.