Accessibility Panel Location Overview and Description

You have just opened the first of thirteen QR codes that are installed throughout the gallery.

You are at the entrance of ¡Presente! A Latino History of the United States

This is the first exhibit of the Molina Family Latino Gallery. A label describes how to use the Gallery’s accessibility features.

¡Presente! Exhibit panel

Accessibility Panel Label Text

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to the Latino Gallery, a place where everyone can engage with our stories.

Once in the gallery, you can use your phone to access visual descriptions. Scan the QR codes located throughout the exhibition to open the link.

There are also keypads throughout the gallery which supply access to digital experiences. You can plug your headset into the keypad’s audio jack (marked with a raised circle in the center) to hear visual descriptions. 

Using Keypads and QR Codes:

  • All keypad headphone jacks are 3-point-five-millimeters.
  • The QR codes are three-inch by three-inch squares.
  • QR codes are mounted on the left and right sides around the perimeter of the gallery.
  • QR codes are around waist height.
  • On the floor directly below each QR code are two parallel, eleven-inch marker strips perpendicular to the exhibit cases and digital interactive tables. One end of each strip is about two inches from the base of the case or interactive table.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening receivers available in the General Motors Learning Lounge at the back of the Molina Family Latino Gallery.

Directions to Next QR Codes

QR code number 2 is about 9 feet away from this QR Code, on this side of the gallery entrance opening.