Domino Park Touchable Location Description

You have opened the twelfth of thirteen QR codes located throughout the gallery.

Domino Park touchable is located on the right end of the history digital interactive belonging to the “Shaping the Nation” section. 

Domino Park Touchable Label Text

Press the buttons to experience the sounds and smells of Domino Park.   

Domino Park is in Little Havana, Miami. Local Cuban Americans gather in this plaza to play dominoes and socialize. Smell the café cubano (Cuban coffee) coming from the pot. Do you have community spaces in your neighborhood? 

Domino Park Touchable Description

On the left corner of the Domino Park model is a large metal stovetop coffee percolator with a button to the right you can press to release the aroma of Cuban coffee. The button also activates a soundtrack: the low murmur of players at Domino Park. The coffee pot is on a plywood tabletop used to play dominoes. Along the left, front and right perimeter are three racks that hold eight domino tiles each. Adhered to the center of the table are seven domino tiles facing upward as though a game were in play. Along the table’s back is a miniature-size metal arch with the words “Domino Park” anchored on columns that sit in front of a photo of people seated at tables playing dominos. 

Directions to Next QR Code

QR code 13 is across the aisle on your left, about 14 feet away.