Who are we as Americans? Who are we as Latinos? 

Somos Theater

The Somos Theater in the Molina Family Latino Gallery is an intimate theater which provides visitors with a moment of contemplation.  Named for the Spanish verb “We are” Somos is the first commissioned piece for the theater.

Somos is a video and photography multimedia project directed by writer, filmmaker, and content creator Alberto Ferreras featuring a diverse group of Latinas and Latinos answering questions about identity, family histories, and experiences. Accompanying the video interviews are a series of over 150 captivating black and white portraits of Latinos and Latinas from across the United States. You will be able to experience the full Somos video in the Molina Family Latino Gallery. The Somos collection offers an eye-opening and thought-provoking window on the rich diversity of Latino experiences.

The Somos Theater is generously sponsored in part by Henry R. Muñoz III and Kyle Ferari-Muñoz


You can experience the entire 15-minute film in the Molina Family Latino Gallery.  Watch the video clip below to get a taste of the rich diversity of Latinidades! 

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Somos, Directed by Alberto Ferreras for the National Museum of the American Latino
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