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Artist watercolor rendering of the entrance to the Molina Family Latino Gallery Molina Family Latino Gallery Making Latino History at the Smithsonian



Exhibitions in the Latino Gallery will present bilingual stories for multigenerational and cross-cultural audiences featuring multimedia, physical objects, and first-person voices. An introductory entry point will provide a framework for the histories and concepts presented in the gallery and foster a dialogue with the core history exhibition.

The inaugural exhibition, ¡Presente! A Latino History of the United States, reveals how Latinos have shaped the nation since before its founding. Visitors will be invited to reexamine what they know about Latinos and U.S. history. 

Educational Programming

The Molina Family Latino Gallery will serve as a forum for multigenerational audiences to engage in learning experiences. The programming is built on the Smithsonian Latino Center’s learning-continuum framework, which focuses on three critical concepts: Experience, Learn and Transform.

Active learning programs will offer self-guided or facilitated programming through a variety of activities, including object-based, hands-on and digital. Program vehicles will include learning tables, active-learning carts, interpretive materials, ¡Descubra! family programs, exhibition touchables and low-tech interactives.

Digital Initiatives

Digital education in the Molina Family Latino Gallery will use previous and existing digital, new media, and technology initiatives. Digital experiences will be offered inside and outside the gallery to engage visitors with emerging technologies and tools. Program types will include distance learning, mixed-reality immersion, podcasts, and mobile broadcasts. The forthcoming Smithsonian Latino Center web gallery will extend the visitor experience and increase access to audiences across the nation. 

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