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Artist rendering of the gallery entrance

Design Overview

Design Overview

The Smithsonian Latino Center will open its first physical museum space, the Molina Family Latino Gallery, in spring 2022 at the National Museum of American History (NMAH) to celebrate the U.S. Latino experience. The Molina Family Latino Gallery will be the leading interpretive gallery devoted to exploring the richness and diversity of Latino history, culture, and identity in the United States. This unique gallery will offer exciting temporary exhibitions and engaging educational and cultural programs over the course of ten years, making it an integral part of NMAH. 

The gallery space has been designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the changing needs of programs and special events, such as readings, podcasts, and book launches, over time, and provide new lighting, acoustic, and technological systems. The overall exhibition design follows the principles of universal design and the Smithsonian guidelines for accessible design. Also, the gallery provides a rich array of experiences that addresses the experiential dimensions detailed in the IPOP framework (Ideas, People, Objects, and Physical). The spatial layout and gallery circulation, as well as the design of exhibit components, content hierarchy, and visual identity, have been carefully crafted to create a rich and diverse visitor experience. 

All content in the gallery—graphics, media, and audio—will be fully bilingual in English and Spanish. The gallery is designed to present content and an overall experience that are accessible to visitors with varying physical, sensory, and brain-based conditions. 


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