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Molina Family Tribute Video Transcript

my parents taught us to work hard and
always put others before ourselves you
know my father grew up in Yuma during
the Depression and so he had an affinity
I think for people that were struggling
my parents and my dad they never set out
to reach millions of people they sought
out to improve lives one at a time when
you helped it wasn't to get other
people's attention it wasn't to get
glory or someone to notice you it was to
help because that's the right thing to
do dad was a general practitioner who
then went into emergency medicine and
noticed that there were a lot of people
who came to the emergency room really
didn't have emergencies but didn't have
a primary care doctor to see so he
opened a clinic and that ended up
growing to a dozen clinics and more and
then eventually became Molina Healthcare
he was always there he was always
available his commitment was to the
patients and making sure that everybody
had accessible health care helping
people who were often underserved or
overlooked was important and after he
passed away well we kept that going we
want to instill a sense of pride a sense
of this is who we are this is where
we've been and this is where we're going
in the Latino culture your heritage and
your ancestors are very important and we
passed down our values from generation
to generation
that's what legacy is it's keeping that
in mind keeping those values and passing
them down his story is one that inspired
the people that he knew and the people
that knew of him and the Smithsonian
well my husband likes to say the
Smithsonian is where history is made
part of this is to make sure that he is
not forgotten
and that people understand what he did
and I want him to be remembered I want
his family to be remembered and I want
people to know about the contributions
they made I think it's exciting and I
think people will be interested to come
and see what the Latino culture is about
and how Latinos have added to the fabric
of America I'd also like them to see
that Smithsonian thinks it's important
enough to show that tneows on a national
stage the gallery is something that we
hope will inspire many others that
people that can see themselves in the
Smithsonian will go on to do great


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